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Content Localization
Subtitling Services

Teamworks provides subtitling services in more than 20 languages for broadcast, theatrical, DVD, BD, DVD, 3D, mobile, VOD and online platforms. Each language specialist undergoes intensive training before becoming an Teamwork-vetted sub-titler and beginning work for on our video subtitling service team. Our experts learn software skills-such as time-cueing and positioning of BD and DVD subtitles-as well as approved methods for verifying content, including internet research and contacting museums or national libraries to provide our clients a complete subtitling solution. In addition, our team of in-house editors across local subtitling company offices ensures consistency in every language.

Dubbing Services

Teamworks provides dubbing and voice-over services in more than 10 languages for live-action and animated movies, broadcast series, documentaries, infomercials, and online video content.

Closed Captions

Teamworks also provides closed captions to provide additional or interpretive information.