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Your imagination is our playground. Whatever world you can dream, we can bring alive through crisp imagery, vibrant colours and designs that enhance the viewing experience. From immersive, photo real environments to real life characters, our animation department can bring your dream to reel life!

We offer top-of-the-line 2D, 3D and clay animation, compositing, and broadcast design services to enhance every production. We use the latest digital techniques to build virtual worlds with characters and objects that are comparable to the best in the west.

In a digital world where anything is possible, it's the 3D conceptual design and meticulous planning of our experienced technicians that makes the difference, thus saving your precious time and money and creating the most satisfying visual experience.

TeamWork has a proven track record of creating the most memorable animation films in the country. Be it short-format or long-format, no one can match our deliverables when it comes to animation.